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HB 2425 Regarding Refundable Deposits wins Hearing!

Hearing scheduled for May 5. The bill (filed March 5) is "relating to water quality improvement and pollution reduction through beverage container recycling incentives..." vv
Official link for HB 2425 legislative history.

SB 1450 Joins HB 2425 Calling for Refundable Deposits!

Filed March 12, 2015 - A bill "relating to water quality improvement and pollution reduction through beverage container recycling incentives..." vv
Official link for SB 1450 legislative history.

Time for Texas to Step up

We're in now well into the 2015 legislative session.  Add your voice to the cause! Contact your public officials and call for action on 5 cent deposits.  Click "Act Now" to find your legislators and tell them Texas' businesses need the clean recycling materials provided by refundable desposits. Then be sure to "Like" our ally's Facebook page www.facebook.com/TexansForCleanWater.

2013 Review - HB 1473 Status Review (Similar to SB 645)

• Left pending in committee as of 03/26/2013
• Testimony taken/registration(s) recorded in committee on 03/26/2013
• Scheduled for public hearing on 03/26/2013
• Referred to Environmental Regulation on 02/25/2013
• Filed on 02/19/2013 v
Official link for HB 1473 legislative history.

The companion bill in the Senate was also "left pending in committee."
Official link for SB 645 legislative history.

The Problem with Plastics

Hear firsthand how one businessman had to shut down part of his factory because of the lack of recycling in Texas; and how legislation for a refundable deposit system would help grow businesses all over Texas - like this one.

Positive Senate Finance Sub-Committee Hearing 4-22-13

Senate Research hearing summary notes, "Recycling rates in Texas lag the national average and have not met the 40 percent goal established over a decade ago.  Beverage container in particular remains low..."
(Click here to continue reading hearing summary. SB 645 overview begins on p.6.)

Could HB1473 (Texas Bottle Bill) have influenced this decision?

cafecafeRecycling glass and plastic bottles at the Capitol Café did not appear to be an issue earlier this year. Now we see a welcome improvement in Austin.

Truth be told, we don't know why they changed, but we do know that refundable deposits are the most effective way to drive recycling of beverage containers.

Environmental Reg Comm Hearing Report (2nd Hurdle Follow-Up)

Thank you for contacting the Environment Regulation Committee before the hearing last month, and thanks to those who made the trip to Austin to testify. NEXT STEP: As the Committee considers the bill, we need to re-enforce our position for HB 1473. Please contact the Committee. Thank them for their consideration of HB1473, let them know deposits are a positive incentive to recycle and would not influence your purchase decisions nor would it be inconvenient to recycle these containers. Our state recycles only 24% of containers sold, the balance are in landfills, on our roads and in our waterways. Let's make Texas first on the Gulf to pass deposit legislation with HB 1473.

To see the Committee's hearing held March 26 click here (and advance video to 3:06:00).

One Nickel at a Time

It is so simple, it's a wonder Texas' schools have not been allowed to do this all along.  A statewide program supporting a 5 cent REFUNDABLE deposit on beverage

containers could be used as a fundraiser for individual campuses across Texas. The same program could be used by ANY organization.  Let your legislator know we need the "Bottle Bill."



NOTE: Additional articles (previously featured here on the front page) are available on our Older Cover Stories page.

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The Basics of our Bill

  • NO Retail Take Back

  • NO Distributor Backhauling

  • NO Tax Dollars Pay for Program

  • Private/Public Sector Board Established to Run Program

  • COG Grants for Water Quality and
    Recycling Infrastructure

  • 5 Cent Refundable Deposit on Aluminum, Glass and Plastic Beverage Containers.

CLICK HERE to see the details.



Video Links

If "a picture is worth a 1,000 words," these videos are priceless.  Take a brief look at the issue through the eyes of our video camera.

bayou litter
KPRC reports a Houston-area bayou looks more like a landfill with so much litter and debris floating on its surface. Click2Houston for the video

bayou cleaning

There's a plan that could help you make money, and keep our bayous clean. KTRK has the story

the net

Volunteers clean up, but the containers keep coming and coming... Get the Net

ship channel

Doors closed instead of jobs opened... Texas Bottle Bill - The Problem of Plastics


The sad plight of what happens when we toss it, instead of recycle it... From street to Stream

Comal River

A peek beneath the surface of New Braunfels' Comal River. Underwater litter after holiday

recycle school

School fundraiser like no other...  "One Nickel at a Time" - Texas Bottle Bill



What Can YOU Do?

Contact your State Representative and State Senator:
Click here to identify you representative. Ask them to support this initiative


document picHas your City/Town passed a resolution of support? Click here to see the list that have. If yours isn't on the list, contact your City Council and County Commissioner and ask them to pass a local resolution.


There's a lot you can do to help pass the Texas Bottle Bill. Contact us at info@texasbottlebill.com to learn how your civic organization, church or community group can get involved! 

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Texas Bottle Bill In the News

Austinites required to recycle, but not bars test — FOX 7 Reporter Daniel Armbruster offers a look at recycling potential among Austin's bars. (KTBC-tv, April 12, 2013)

It's time for a Texas bottle bill, But crusade meets with little enthusiasm in Austin — Columnist Lisa Falkenberg takes a frank look at the issues. (FOX 7 ZHouston Chronicle, May 22, 2013)

Drink Up: New Bill Would Give You Cash Back For Empties — HB 1473 introduced by Rep. Eddie Rodriguez, calls for cash incentives to encourage recycling beverage containers. State Senator Rodney Ellis introduced the same bill into the senate.  (StateImpact Texas, Feb 22, 2013)

Burchett Students Awarded Check for Recycling 24,000 Containers — Spring ISD students demonstrated "recycling pays" thanks to their work and a generous support of the Texas Bottle Bill team.  (Spring ISD News, Jan 29, 2013)

Port Arthur signs petition for bottle bill Port Arthur has become part of a petition for the Texas Legislature that would mean less trash and more cash.  (The Port Arthur News, Dec 12, 2012)

We are Making News  —  In the recent trip through northeast Texas, the Texas BottleMobile garnered attention from many news organizations. A sample can be see at: Sabine County Reporter, Shelby County Today, the Toledo Chronicle.

Shelby County Supports the Texas Bottle Bill  —  Shelby County adopted a resolution authorizing support for passage of State Legislation establishing refundable deposits. (Shelby County Today, Aug 14, 2012)

Junking up Our Highways  Plastics, metal and glass make up nearly 30% of the roadside litter. (USA Today Jun 2012)

Industry Related News

Pope urges action on protecting planet — Pope Francis demands swift action to save the planet from environmental ruin. (Reuters, June 18, 2015)

Video clip - Michigan Gets it! - Incentives plus convenience, mean success in recycling. Michigan gets this, and that’s why they have developed one of the smartest systems in the world. See their story! (Keep Michigan First VIMEO July 24, 2014)

Audio clip - The Directors of "Redemption" discuss their documentary (The Leonard Lopate Show Feb 8, 2013)

Video clip - Teenage scientist converts plastic bottles into biofuel — A 17-year-old scientist has figured out how to convert plastic bottles into biofuel. See the story! (CNN YouTube Sep 12, 2012)

Advocates Revive Bottle Deposit Push In Florida (Polk Outdoors.com Aug 2012)

This Sculpture Is a Piece of Garbage -- Intentionally  —  In honor of Earth Day Houston, Air Alliance commissioned a sculpture that represents bottle pollution in our waterways. The result is called NOMO the Eco-Fish; and it's made entirely of garbage. (HoustonPress.com, Apr 6, 2012)

Everstrand Bottle to Carpet Story  —  Mohawk keeps tons of barely used, superior grade plastic bottles out of landfills by recycling more than three billion each year into EverStrand carpet. (Mowhawk, Mar 6, 2012)

Nestle short-sighted about bottle deposits  —  Nestle perspective on the recently released ?Returning to Work: Understanding the Domestic Jobs Impacts from Different Methods of Recycling Beverage Containers? shows their stripes. (Plastic News.com Jan 20, 2012)

Visions for a Greener Houston  —  Citizens' Environmental Coalition host "Visions for a Greener Houston" at the United Way Community Resource Center on February 9th. (CES.com Jan 20, 2012)

Company Has Many Uses For Recycled Glass  —  This EcoWatch report follows the trail of recycled glass bottles and reveals the final product. (CBS Jan 14, 2012)

Texas Recycling depicted in Flash Mob video  —  Theater goers in Texas are reminded by a "flash mob" that recycling opportunities exist everywhere. (August 2011)

Reports and Reference Material

Recycling By the Numbers, A great visual for recycling in general. It serves as a reminder of how much is to be gained by a thoughtful recycling program like beverage container deposits. Deposits in place will stop the waste! (Why We Love Green Apr 2012)

Recycling and Jobs (Solid Waste Magazine Jan 2012)

Benefits of Bottle Bills (CRI)