Texas Bottle Bill


Get Involved

Find your Representative (by your street address) then make contact!


1) Write a Letter!

Send your concerns about the need for a Bottle Bill in Texas to your state legislators and your County Commissioner. Constituents' letters carry a lot of weight. Click here for samples of what some people have written.

2) Join Us!

Use the "Contact Us" link to join the thousands of other people that want to see a cleaner, healthier and more economically prosperous Texas.

3) Sign the Petition!

 Perhaps one of the easiest things you can do is also one of the surest ways to know your concerns are registered! Click on "The Petition" link at left and fill in the easy online form. It only takes seconds, but your concerns will be officially recorded.

4) Request a Resolution!

Every city, county and business in Texas has a voice; and you can urge them to use it in support of the Bottle Bill by suggesting they pass a resolution to endorse the Bottle Bill. Click here for a sample of a potential resolution.

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Did you know?
Two thirds of all beverage containers in the United States never get recycled!

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