Texas Bottle Bill


Beverage Container Recycling Initiative (Draft)


Our New Refunfable Deposits Bill allows:

NO Retail Take Back

NO Distributor Back Hauling

NO Tax Dollars Pay for Program

Private/Public Sector Board Established to Run Program

COG Grants for Water Quality and Recycling Infrastructure

5 Cent Refundable Deposit on Aluminum, Glass and Plastic Beverage Containers.


Who Participates:

  • Texas Citizens:
    • pay deposit at time of purchase
    • refunded deposit when taken to redemption center for recycling
  • Retailers:
    • pay deposit to distributor at time of purchase
    • refunded deposit by consumer at time of sale
  •  Distributors:
    • pay Beverage Container Fund for containers distributed
    • refunded by retailer at time of sale
  • Redemption Centers:
    • pay consumer for beverage container
    • refunded by Container Fund for deposit paid to consumer plus a handling fee
  •  Municipalities:
    • refunded for containers collected in curbside programs

Texas Beverage Container Recycling Initiative Fund

  • Pays all administrative cost
  • Reimburses redemption centers and curbside programs for deposits
  • Pays handling fee to redemption centers
  • Funds water quality and recycling infrastructure


Texas Beverage Container Recycling Initiative Board

  • One beverage retailer representative
  • One alcohol beverage distributor representative
  • One non-alcohol beverage distributor representative
  • One recycling industry representative
  • One redemption center owner
  • One waste industry representative
  • One processor/remanufacturing representative
  • Representative from Comptrollers’ office
  • One person of general public


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