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School Collects "Mock Refunds" for Container Drive

Recycle kids Elementary school students in Spring Texas carried bags full of empty beverage containers out to the recycling truck, and proceeds back into the school! Through a pilot program sponsored by the Texas Bottle Bill, designed to demonstrate how refundable deposits could help school funding, the school's PTO earned five cents for each empty beverage container the students produced. After collecting empty drink containers for nearly a month, they turned in more than 24,000 containers for recycling! The effort earned the school's PTO a check for $1,213. This kind of fundraiser could be held at every school in Texas if the state enacts refundable deposits on beverage containers.

From Street to Stream

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With 17 billion beverage containers being sold in Texas and only 4 billion being recycled, there is no better way to prevent the containers from polluting our valuable waterways.  Asking folks to stop littering has just created ongoing efforts to clean up after the tosser. Deposits will stop the containers at the front door! (Please share.)

Good News! Refundable Deposits Clears First Hurdle. Bill Filed.

We have cleared the first hurdle! Texans are now one step closer to cleaner waters, parks, highways and public lands!  Senator Rodney Ellis filed SB 645 and Representative Eddie Rodriguez filed HB 1473 - both bills "relating to water quality improvement and pollution reduction through beverage container recycling incentives." This is very good news! The next step is in your hands. Make sure your voice is represented, and NOT drowned out by the forces of big money. Contact your legislators to ask them to join on as a co-sponsor of SB 645 and HB 1473 to support refundable deposits for beverage containers! (Click here for contact information for your legislators.)




We often see signs of poor recycling and waste management on TOP of the water, but what's BELOW the surface of our public waters might be even worse. (i.e. See what the Comal River in New Braunfels, TX used to look like.)  Texas needs a better recycling program. Refundable deposits on beverage containers works in other states, and Texans can do it too!

NOT a Good Look at Texas

Thiscreek litter unsightly look at Texas was taken December 2 in Friendswood. The accumulation of wasted materials occurred in the days after a tree fell into a local creek. We can't stop trees from falling over, but we CAN stop so many recyclable materials going into Texas waters. Ask your legislators to enact refundable deposits for drink containers! (Click on the image at left for a closer look at this sad stream.)

Texas Bottlemobile

bayou litter
Presenting the
Texas BottleMobile! Team members, (L-R) Mary, Mike and Patsy, are traveling the state to educate and inspire friends like you! Track our progress on Facebook. 


Sad But True

The tell tale signs of the problem of the current approach are all around us - bayou litter

as is evident in this picture of Brays Bayou in Houston.  Click image for large view. To see more of this kind of wasted resource and littering Texas, click here to visit our picture gallery.

The Texas BottleMobile's Grand Tour

titus tx visitLast fall during a tour through northeast Texas, the Texas BottleMobile garnered attention from many news organizations. A sample can be seen at: Sabine County Reporter, Shelby County Today, the Toledo Chronicle.

The Texas BottleMobile visited historic sites through out northeast Texas and saw some famous landmarks. See the pictures!


Texas Size THANK YOU!

Austin CountyWe spotted a very welcome sight when we opened the latest edition of The Bay Area Observer.  It is a notice to support the Texas Bottle Bill!  The simple message (click the image on left to see it) is not just our name, it is shorthand for our main thrust - to urge the Texas Legislators to enact refundable deposits on beverage containers. Click here to see why a bill is necessary.  

Thank you Bosque County! Morris CoWe salute you for passing a resolution to support refundable deposits.  In addition, we want to thank you for visiting with us at the Annual County Judges & Commissioners Association Conference last month in San Marcos. We met officials from all over Texas and enjoyed the event greatly.
(Photo credit Leonard Lane)

Three cheers for Austin County! Austin Countythe latest county to join our growing list of endorsements! Our thanks to Judge Bilski, as well as Commissioners King, Ottmer, Reichardt, and Rinns, for understanding the positive impact refundable deposits will have on their community. Welcome aboard Austin County!  (Photo credit Larry D. Moore.)

Hats off to
Morris County! Morris CoThey are the latest county to pass a resolution of support for the Texas legislature to enact refundable deposits. Thank you Morris County! The county seat is Daingerfield, TX, and that is where we snapped this photo (at right) of our vehicle in front of the Morris County courthouse.

Tyler court
Last September, Tyler County passed a resolution in support of the state enacting refundable deposits on glass, plastic and aluminum beverage containers. Thank you Tyler! As shown in the photo (at right) it was a beautiful day to visit the courthouse in Woodville, TX.

In addition, our sincere appreciation to Delta County, Lee County, and Titus County all recently passed resolutions in support of state legislation establishing refundable deposits on beverage containers. You join a LONG list of forward thinkers.

For a copy of suggested text for a resolution to take to YOUR community leaders, click on the "Tools & Resources" tab (in the list on left).


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Aftermath of Free Press Summer Festival in Houston,  June 2012
(Photo by Houston editorial photographer Nathan Lindstrom.)