Texas Bottle Bill


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We hope these samples provide “food for thought” as you start writing your own letters and resolutions.
Your own words are best, but these lines may provide you a handy starting point.

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Sample lines for your LETTER TO THE EDITOR or your LEGISLATORS:

• Transferring the beverage containers from the current WASTE STREAM to a revenue generating RECYCLING STREAM will create jobs, cut trash pickup cost, and decrease beverage container litter

• Deposit legislation creates convenient collection of beverage containers.

• The Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT) spent $44 million on the "Don't Mess with Texas" campaign in 2009

• Every year since it started, the Texas “Adopt-a-Beach” program finds aluminum, glass, and plastic containers on their TOP TEN LIST of items they had to clean up

• A five cent financial incentive will produce a higher return rate of the beverage containers then any voluntary program

• Recycling beverage containers will reduce the need for additional water, oil, and energy in manufacturing from virgin materials

• Redemption Center Development will create jobs across Texas

• Unredeemed deposits will fund the program with handling fees, grants, AND generate revenue

• The best management of waste is prevention

• Schools and other non-profit groups will benefit from year round collection and donation of containers from the public



Feel free to edit all the samples above to meet your particular needs.

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