Texas Bottle Bill


Tools & Resources

The Draft Bill

See an  Overview of the draft bill and see first hand how valuable this initiative will be to Texans. 

See the ACUTAL TEXT of the 2015 draft bill (HB #2425). 


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Click Here for Sample Resolution for COUNTY government
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Sample lines for your LETTER TO THE EDITOR or your LEGISLATORS:

Click here to visit the "Samples" page. 


Click here for a full color brochure. This overview of the initiative is full of useful information!
Prints on Legal Size (8.5" X 11") paper.

Reports and Reference Material

Recycling By the Numbers, A great visual for recycling in general. It serves as a reminder of how much is to be gained by a thoughtful recycling program like beverage container deposits. Deposits in place will stop the waste! (Why We Love Green Apr 2012)

Recycling and Jobs (Solid Waste Magazine Jan 2012)

Returning to Work, Understanding the Jobs Impacts From Different Methods of Recycling Beverage Containers (CRI Dec 2011)

Massachusetts Dept of Environmental Protection research: Comparison of Beverage Pricing, Consumer Choice and Redemption System Performance in Massachusetts and Neighboring States (MassDEP Jul 2011) 

Research finds Texas Voters Support Beverage Container Recycling Program (Baselice & Associates 2011)

Benefits of Bottle Bills (CRI)

space saver 
  Collecting bottles

Volunteers teamed up with a local school to create a mock Redemption Center
to show how beverage container redemption could be an easy fundraiser for schools.

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