Texas Bottle Bill


14 Reasons Why to Support a
a Texas Bottle Bill

Strong Public Support - 2012 survey* shows 2 to 1 Texans support deposits on beverage containers, understanding the effect on waterways and roadways.

Keeps Current With Consumer Habit - Up to 60% of beverages are consumed away* from home, offices, restaurants, bar, etc; most are thrown away and landfilled. Increased in curbside in the last 10 yrs has not increased recycling rate in Texas.

Increased Recycling Rate – Texas recycled 24% of beverage container, Bottle Bill states average 75%.

Provides Incentive to Recycle - Over 30 yrs of bottle bill history, prove that financial incentives results in the largest number of people participating and highest volume of containers recycled, than any voluntary program.

Makes Recycling Convenient - 30% of Texas has curbside*, many counties & cities have tried unsuccessfully to recycling. Where Bottle Bills exist, a network of redemption centers and reverse vending machines develop to take back containers.

Creates Green Jobs - 2012 Economic Study *on effects of deposits on Texas economy concludes, over 2400 new jobs, $400 million in direct revenue growth for our state. Recycling industry jobs are sustainable jobs that cannot be out sourced.

Help Fund Recycling and Water Quality - Money from the Texas Bottle Bill will help fund our states aging water infrastructure and increase recycling accessibility for all Texans

Reduces Cost to Cities & Counties - Bottle Bills, reduce the cost to collect & process recyclable, reduce cost of storm drain clean out helping to prevent flooding and reduce landfill tipping fees. Your taxes now pay for these services.

Decreases Landfill Use - Many counties have lost their landfills, many more are losing theirs. Beverage containers can be 20-30% of municipal waste, removal of these materials equal less truck, labor and transportation expenses.

Texas Businesses need Quantity and Quality Materials - Texas has glass, plastic and aluminum processors and manufacturers who are importing materials from Bottle Bill states for processing because Texas does not collect adequate feed stock. Nationally, 50% of all recycled materials come from the 10 Bottle Bill state.

Help Fund Schools and Non-Profits Organizations - Texas schools received drastic cuts by our legislature last session. Many schools and non-profits in Bottle Bill states conduct collection fundraisers benefiting from deposits.

Save Energy, Water and Natural Resources - Only 5% as much energy is used to produce new aluminum containers from recycled containers than from baurite ore. 1/10 the energy is used to make new plastic bottles from recycled material.

Make Texas Leader on Gulf Coast - Texas sells 17 billion beverage containers annually, but recycles only 4 billion. 13 billion containers are landfilled and litter our waterways and highways. They starts in the streets, but ends up in the Gulf of Mexico. Let make Texas the first on the gulf coast to pass deposit legislation. It’s the Texas way.

Our opponents continue to make the same old WRONG claims - Get with the times naysayers. Our bill is NOT the same bill some people fighting it thinks it is. The details are readily available for anyone that wishes to read it HERE (or check out the mini-overview on our homepage).

TAKE ACTION! Contact you state legislator and urge them to support the Texas Bottle Bill! Click here to email them.

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